Purpose Statement:

The primary purpose of Savannah Missionary Baptist Church is to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to as many people as possible and to bring them to membership and discipleship in His family; And to assist in the nurturing of every member and their maturing into Christlikeness; To equip them for their ministry and the exercising of their God given gift and mission in His church in order to magnify Christ.

Vision Statement: (Ministry Direction)

To present Christ in a modern, creative, credible, and caring way to all people in the city of Fayetteville and in an environment where people from the community and in the church can grow to their full potential in Christ.

We will as a church strive to fulfill the vision of Revive the old, Usher in the new by:

a. Presenting Christ in a manner that the 21st century generation of people can relate to.

b. Presenting Christ in a creative and credible manner by living our own lives in such a manner as to show evidence of a true and living God.

c. Presenting Christ to the Savannah Church community in Cedar Creek in a caring fashion.

d. Allowing church growth through God given talents and abilities.

Mission Statement: (Ministry Objective)

The mission of Savannah Missionary Baptist Church is to change lives in the 21st century by reviving the souls of God’s people, and ushering in new souls. The objective is to teach them and equip them for spiritual warfare and afford them growing opportunities by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with them.